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Session Info

Duration of Sessions:

3-4 hours. This allows time for feeding, soothing, setting up shots, etc. etc. Sessions typically start at 10am to utilize the best light of the day, and this is when many newborns are their sleepiest.


What you should bring:

Milk, milk, and more milk! I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to feed the baby throughout the session. This means any and all feeding ‘schedules’ go out the window for the day. It is essential for the baby to have a full belly so that they remain sleepy enough to be moved and molded from pose to pose. If breast feeding, I highly recommend pumping a few bottles {at least 3} for the session, even if you’re mainly breast feeding at home. It is much easier to feed the baby a bottle during the shoot. Please feel free to bring your pump should you need to.


What is provided:

Props, wraps, hats, girlie tiebacks, blankets, etc. are provided by the studio. If you’d like to bring a prop of your own I welcome that, but it is not necessary.


What to expect:

I am very hands on with the babies. I do most of the feeding, sushing, wiping, helping them to sleep, etc. I am very experienced in this and am completely comfortable in doing so.


Bring on the heat:

I use a little space heater to keep the baby warm. It may feel too warm in the room for us, but the warmth for the baby is key in keeping them cozy and settled.

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